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Veteran Voices: How a Military Career Can Prepare You for Success at Nestlé Waters

With unique training and skills, veterans of the United States military can build a new and successful career at Nestlé Waters. We’ll help you transition to civilian employment and provide a culture that allows you to thrive in the workplace if you’ll bring your leadership and initiative to work every day!

Here are stories from our employees, and military veterans, which illustrate how a military career can prepare you to be successful at Nestlé Waters: 

 John Vet

John, a Nestlé Waters maintenance mechanic in Sacramento, served in the United States Air Force Reserves from 1980 to 1992. He attributes the teamwork and leadership skills that make him successful at Nestlé to his military experience, and finds there are a lot of common values between the military and Nestlé Waters. “Safety, quality, productivity, teamwork, leadership and ethics are just some of the similar attributes that come to mind,” he says.

If you ask John why he likes working for Nestlé Waters, he’ll describe the people. “I see myself as fortunate,” he says, “to work with such a good group of people. Little things go a long way, such as company lunches and recognizing birthdays and achievements.” John’s proud of the achievements at his factory, including attending Best of the Best conferences and earning Green Stamp Status on opening the Gate for Goal Alignment, Leadership Development and Safety. 

John’s advice for veterans considering applying to join the Nestlé Waters team is, “Go for it! Nestlé Waters welcomes veterans and shows us great respect. At our factory, we fly the flag proudly and really feel appreciated on Veterans Day.”

Marla Vet

Marla, Director of Safety, Health and Environment for Nestlé Waters’ Technical Production and Supply Chain, says that one of the qualities that she misses the most from her time in the United States Air Force is the comradery. However, she can relate this feeling to a recent experience within Nestlé Waters - the recent efforts of the entire organization after the Hawkins, Texas tornado – and within the efforts of the organization and its employees to support their communities and those in need.

“I am honored and excited to work for Nestlé,” she says, “particularly in my function of safety, health, and environment. It’s an avenue through which I can continue to serve my fellow men and women, which for me is of utmost importance.”

Marla joined Nestlé Waters some time after her time in the military, but she remembers her experience of transitioning into the civilian workforce. “I am grateful for those who helped me transition into the civilian workforce by first appreciating and valuing my service,” she says. “We need to recognize now more than ever that many men and women are transitioning from literal war and conflict to civilian life, and this comes with many seen and unseen concerns. I believe that it is our duty as those who benefit from all who serve to ensure that we provide adequate support to those joining our organization. We can help with translating the skills learned from the military to those in the civilian workplace and by being aware that, for many, the work environment they are coming from was very different.”

Marla’s advice for veterans applying to join Nestlé Waters: It is a fantastic place to work with many opportunities and great people. “The skills you have learned relative to leadership, discipline, standardization, and precision can set you apart and provide you with a path to great success within this organization.”

Tristan Vet

Tristan is a Fl pillar leader for our factory in Cabazon. After serving in the United States Marine Corps, he found Nestlé Waters through a recruiting organization that specializes in helping military personnel transition to the civilian workforce. When he started work, he found that his leadership experience in the Marines translated directly into his new role. 

“It turns out that leading operators and mechanics is not much different from leading Marines. The Marines teach you to be adaptable and learn new roles quickly. This allowed me to learn my new role and begin to train others on the systems in the factory.”

During his time at Nestlé Waters, Tristan has found key qualities that the company shares with the military. “The Marines drive you to succeed and continually improve,” he says. “This mindset is very similar to the NCE improvement practices at Nestlé. Leadership and continuous improvement does not change. The only change is going to be the tools you use and the specific problems you face.”

For veterans looking to apply to Nestlé Waters for a new career, Tristan advises, “Continue the leadership practices that you learned in the military when you transition into the civilian workforce.”

Sean Vet

Sean, a route delivery driver at our Houston location, says that Nestlé Waters was pivotal in aiding in his transition from the United States Navy. “Any resource you need, they provide,” he says. “Whether it was over the phone or online, they helped in making the transition a smooth one.”

Sean enjoys his role at Nestlé Waters because he sees plenty of room for growth. “The sky is the limit,” he says. “There are always opportunities to move up, which they encourage you to embrace. If you apply yourself and do your job, Nestlé Waters will take good care of you.”

And what has Sean brought to his job from his military experience? “Solid leadership skills.” Sean is able to adapt to situations that arise unexpectedly, and he’s always thinking ahead on ways to problem-solve. “I always have a backup plan in mind,” he says.

Daniel Vet

When United States Marine Corps veteran Daniel started working at Nestlé Waters, he had already been in the civilian workforce for some time. However, he found Nestlé to be a very welcoming place to work.

“For my fellow Marines or other service members,” he says, “the hardest thing for them to adjust to would be the culture. Going from a very structured and regimented way of life into a culture where everybody is very kind and approachable could be a bit of a shock.” But what makes the transition easier, he adds, is the senior leadership. “They are so engaged with everybody, whether it’s the entry level employees, or interns, to the senior employees. It shows that the leadership cares for the well-being of all their employees.

Leading by example is one of the fundamental rules of military leadership, and to see it within a civilian workplace certainly eases such a big change.”

Daniel brings his military experience to Nestlé Waters’ Stamford headquarters. He identifies the one skill that the Marine Corps gave him that shines the brightest as the ability to summon the will to keep going, even when tasks seem impossible. “People naturally don’t like to be outside of their comfort zone and will often go through life believing they cannot achieve something before event attempting it,” he says. “But the mind is a powerful thing. Coming into an organization where everything was completely new to me, there were times where I felt overwhelmed. However, having the ability to push past the discomfort of the unknown and find the right people to answer my questions led me to gaining the understanding of not only the project I had but of Nestlé as a whole.”

Gilbert Vet

Gilbert, a veteran of the United States Marine Corps and current route delivery driver in Chatsworth, enjoys working with Nestlé Waters because of the company benefits and how supportive the company is of its employees and their families. “Nestlé believes in family,” he says.

“Nestlé is very pro-military as well,” Gilbert explains. “They have always worked around my military schedule, including annual training and weekend drills. They support the military and don’t shy away from hiring current military and veterans.”

Gilbert brings his teamwork and commitment to Nestlé Waters in his position. “In the Marine Corps, I learned that everyone has to work as a team to be successful and safe. The same applies to life and where you work after the military. If one team member falls, we all fall.”

Are you looking for a career opportunity where you can use the skills you acquired during your time in the military? Follow in the footsteps of many of our employees and explore our career opportunities today!

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